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7 Styles to Put Cool in Back to School

Summer is coming to an end and we all know what that means… It’s back to school season! Show up to school in style.
Put the Cool Back in School

Summer is coming to an end and we all know what that means… It’s back to school season!  Check out some of our favorite fall 2019 fashion trends to put the cool in school. Show up to school ready to conquer the year in style.

1-    Leopard Print
It might seem a little wild, but this bold print will make a statement this fall! There are so many ways to wear leopard print. Dresses, blouses, purses, and even headbands are a great way to wear this popular print. Stroll into school with this print to be roaring with confidence.

2-   Pants with a Statement
High waisted pants paired with a tank top or sweater is a casual but chic way to show up to school in style. Long bohemian pants are also a fashion statement to rock this fall.

3-   Mismatched Denim
Denim on the top and bottom? That’s right! This fall, denim skirts paired with a different colored denim jacket will make you a style guru.

4-   Floral Prints
Floral, floral everywhere! While the weather is still turning from summer to fall the weather can still tend to be on the warm side in Vancouver, Washington. While your waiting to breakout the sweaters and scarfs, stay cool in fashionable floral print dresses and skirts.

5-   Leather Back Packs
Looking for a new backpack? Leather backpacks are the backpack of the fall. Leather goes great with almost all outfits and there are so many sizes as well as styles to pick from!

6-   Oversized Graphic Tees
Waking up early for school can be hard! Sometimes all you want to do is roll out of bed and wear your pajamas to school. While we don’t recommend wearing your PJs… An oversized graphic tee with a comfy pair of jeans or leggings is an easy, yet stylish outfit.

7-   Scrunchies
The 90s are back folks. Scrunchies are an up and coming fashion statement that double as hair accessories and bracelets. They come in all different color, prints, and sizes, so your bound to find a scrunchie that fits your style!

Are you back to school ready?! When it comes down to it, wear the clothes that you feel most comfortable in! Don’t let other people or the current “trends” change your style. Also check out Spanky’s Legendary Consignment  to find a fun back to school outfit!