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Advantages of Consignment Shopping

While shopping is a fun pastime, it is sometimes difficult to find unique, affordable items at traditional retailers. What better place to shop for one-of-a-kind, high-quality items than a consignment shop?

While shopping is a fun pastime, it is sometimes difficult to find unique, affordable items at traditional retailers. It may seem like going to the mall is the easiest option, but what better place to shop for one-of-a-kind, high-quality items, than a consignment shop? Read on to discover just a few reasons to fall in love with consignment shopping.

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Buying clothes from a large mass-producing store means you are sure to run into someone wearing the same outfit as you. But at a consignment shop, you will have a much more diverse assortment of clothing, meaning you’re less likely to find yourself wearing the same top or sweater as a friend or co-worker. You may not like every item of clothing or piece of furniture you see at your local consignment shop, but you can at least have fun looking at ostentatious and retro items.

Furnish on a budget

Most consignment shops have a sizeable furniture and home goods section with steep discounts on secondhand items, allowing you to furnish and decorate your home with unique items while you save some bucks.

Furnishings and Clothing

Find Vintage Items

When shopping at consignment stores, you can often find vintage clothing, handbags, or jewelry that is coming back into style. Fashion is cyclical, and designers release new things items which replicate what is coming into style. If you’re in to being fashionably forward head to your local consignment shop.

Shop Local

Most consignment shops are locally owned and have been staples in their community for years. Shopping locally helps the community and supports those small business owners. It’s pretty much a win for everyone.

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping at consignment stores is a great way to save the planet! By buying used clothing, you are not only preventing items from going into the landfill, but you also are not supporting fast fashion industries. Fast fashion industries manufacture clothing at high rates and this requires a lot of materials, energy, and oil. Read more about shopping sustainably in our blog post.

New Items Daily

Traditional retail stores only restock or change their pieces out every three months. With consignment shops, items are being constantly being brought in. You can visit them multiple times a week and always find new items!

You can find the same clothes for less, so why not? What is better than shopping at a place that has all the name brand stuff you want for less and can help you make money? So, go out, grab your girlfriends, and head out to Spanky’s Legendary Consignment. Come shop and start saving!