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Consignment Shopping for Teens

One-size fits all does not apply to teenagers. Teens, to their parents, are often mysteries concerning in almost every facet of their lives. Boys and girls go through growth spurts that can make paying full price for clothing and related items a punch to the financial gut. Also, depending on the personality of your teen, they may either be indifferent to what they wear or overly concerned with wearing something “new” all the time. Luckily, shopping resale stores can help any parent/teen combo out there—for any fashionista or minimalist teens.

Shopping Resale Saves Money

Rather than paying full price for items your son or daughter will outgrow or want to discard in a season or two, secondhand options can save parents a small fortune when it comes to shopping. When going back to school, many students like to get a whole new wardrobe, which can be a stressful time for some parents who are on a tight budget in the first place. Encouraging your teen to buy resale items or a mix of resale and new items can help lighten the load of all the back to school or year-round expenses many parents incur.


Teens Can Wear More Fashionable Clothes!

With the same budget in mind, if buying mostly new items, teens may have to settle for lower-end brands that aren’t quite as fashion-forward as they might like. When shopping resale or consignment, parents and teens may be able to purchase their favorite brands for the same or less than what a cheaper brand would be new. So, for the teens concerned with keeping up with what is currently considered stylish, shopping resale is one way to afford those Joe’s Jeans or Tory Burch sandals that are out of reach when new!

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