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Consignment vs Thrift Shops

Are you looking for the best deal on new or gently used items? Where will you make the most money selling your old clothes? Will you choose consignment over thrift?
Consignment and Thrift Shop Differences

Consignment and Buy, Sell, & Trade Differences

What’s the difference between thrift shops and consignment stores? This is something we hear often.

Let’s break it down:

Consignment stores (such as Spanky’s Legendary Consignment) allow people (like you) to bring in their gently used clothing and sell it for a commission. We separate the wheat from the chaff, ensuring that you are going to get far better clothing in much better shape, at a fraction of the retail price.  Just like retail stores, consignment stores handpick which items they will carry. The apparel in stock is current with trends, and all items are in new or gently used condition.

Thrift stores (such as Value Village and Goodwill) take donations from good-hearted people wanting to clear out their closets. Almost all items are accepted, subjected to less scrutiny because they have been donated. While treasures can be found at thrift stores, the experience can often be chaotic and overwhelming, as the stores are overcrowded and disorganized. Most shoppers feel good going to thrift stores because they are often started as charities or nonprofit organizations. However, consignment stores, like Spanky’s Legendary Consignment, are well known for giving back to their community.

Buy, sell, & trade stores, such as Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet, make much of the profit on selling your items, whereas consignors make a percentage in the form of commissions.  Consignors at Spanky’s Legendary Consignment in Vancouver, WA can make up to 50% commission on their items.

If you are looking for a place to purchase or sell new/gently used items, consignment is a better option over thrift.