How Does Consignment Work


What Do We Accept?

  • Kids, ladies, plus-size, maternity, mens, and home decor.
  • Current style/trends
  • Items for the current season
  • Spring: February-April   Summer: May-August   Fall: September-October   Winter: November-January
  • Items purchased at retail within the last 3 years
  • New or like-new condition
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT business attire, lingerie, pajamas, bridal attire, or formals.

Please bring consignments in your own bags or container. We will fill out the pink slip for you. No need to lay items out flat on counter.

Consignment Hours

We process consignments Monday-Saturday 10 am – 5 pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Consignment Login
  • How long do I have to sell my items and what are the terms of sale?
    • The consignment period is for 45 days. Items are listed at full price for the first 30 days. The last 15 days, items are marked down to 50% of the original listing price.
  • What happens to my items that don’t sell? 
    • We are no longer able to donate items unacceptable for consignment. Please plan on waiting while we sort or returning within 24 hrs to pick up items. A fee may be assessed for unclaimed items.
  • Is there a limit of items I can sell?
    • Bring your best 40 items to consign. Limit per consignor, per day.
  • How much money do I make?
    • Items priced up to $44.99: consignors receive 35% commission.
    • Items priced over $45.00: consignors receive 50% commission.
  • How do I receive funds? Payment may be issued in two ways:
    • Credit: Sale of your items means instant credit to your Spanky’s account, which can be spent anytime in the store. Unused credit will expire after 1 year.
    • Check: We issue checks on demand, so no waiting necessary! All you need to do is come in to the store and we can print it for you. Our minimum check is $21.00.
  • Can I wait while my items are sorted?
    • We will sort your items while you wait. Items we do not take in for consignment must be picked up within 24 hours.
  • Do I have to be 18 or older to consign?
    • You do not have to be 18 years or older to consign. The only requirement is to show picture ID to receive your credit.

Home Decor Consignment

Spanky’s is pleased to introduce home decor consignment! We are now accepting items for the home that meet the following criteria:

  • Framed art, home decorating pieces (sculptures, display items, decorative pillows, etc.), and smaller furniture items such as accent chairs and tables.
  • Items in new or like-new condition.
  • New within the last 5 years, clean and of a style that is in high demand.
  • Seasonal decor items are accepted if they are for an upcoming holiday/season.

If you have large bulky items or items you are unsure we will accept please email a digital picture to before bringing them into the store.

Items will be sold at full price for the first 30 days, then go 50% for the last 15 days. Items that do not sell within the 45 day period will be donated to a charitable organization, or you may pick them up after the end of the consignment period. Consignors receive 35% of the final selling price.

How Do I Consign If I Live Out of the Area?

Many of our consignors ship their things to us via UPS. Just be sure to include 3 self-addressed stamped envelopes with your items so that we can mail consignment checks to you as soon as they are prepared. Please note: if for some reason the items shipped to us for consignment are not accepted, they will be donated to a local charity.

Latest Recalls from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Please note, even though the recall list below may make mention of some children’s items, it does not mean we accept them. Feel free to call or email us ahead of time if you have questions about what you’d like to bring in for consignment!