Consignment and Community

Giving Back

Giving Back to Our Community

Spanky’s prides itself on being a good neighbor. It was important from the beginning that we contribute to the quality of life in our area. We are honored to be a part of many important efforts to make things better. Among them:

  • Spanky’s is an important donor to local organizations in the community.
  • Spanky’s supports many local schools with donations for carnivals and fundraisers.
  • Spanky’s has sponsored many local concerts for the community to enjoy at no cost.
  • Spanky’s supported Southwest Washington Medical Center in its goal to build a new breast care facility.
  • Spanky’s makes substantial contributions every year to Clark County Food bank, Oregon Food bank and Children’s Cancer Association.

We are looking for MORE ways to contribute to our wonderful metropolitan area. If you have ideas for us, please contact us!

Proud Supporters Of:

Northwest Battle Buddies
Returning Veterans Project
American Cancer Society
Children's Center
Clark County Food Bank

For Schools and Non-Profits

 If your school or non-profit is interested in a consignment drive or would like to set up an easy way for supporters, parents and students to donate their consignment proceeds to your school or non-profit, here’s how it works!


Here's How Consignment Works for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Spanky’s selects items that have the best chance of selling.
  • Spanky’s consigns selected items to your organization’s account. The organization receives 40% of the sales proceeds.
  • Sit back and receive a check in the mail!

Example: You bring in your carefully sorted items, eliminating those with stains, holes, or other flaws. Brand name clothing, designer handbags and denim are ALWAYS good sellers.  We’ll choose the items we feel would be best sellers. What we cannot accept, we donate to charity. We market select items on your behalf via FacebookTwitter, and email campaigns. If all your clothing sells for $200, the organization receives the full 40% commission ($80). All you have to do is bring us items!

Clothing Collection Options for Schools

  • At the school. Set up an area where students and parents can drop off clothing. Our staff will be more than happy to pick up items from the school to process. Anything that cannot be consigned will be donated. The school receives 40% of the sales proceeds.
  • PTA. Your Parent Teachers Association collects clothes and delivers them to Spanky’s in Vancouver for consignment. Any clothing that cannot be consigned will be donated. The school receives 40% of the sales proceeds.
  • At Spanky’s. Parents and students may come into the store themselves to consign clothing. The school receives 40% of the sales proceeds.

Benefit Shopping Day

Spanky’s will hold a special shopping day event where a portion of proceeds from the sale that day will benefit your school or organization.