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High-End Consignment Shopping Tips

Do you love consignment shopping, but struggle with where or how to find the best products? Spanky’s Legendary Consignment has the secrets and tips to high-end consignment shopping for the best brands and deals.
High-End Consignment Shopping

Consignment shopping is great to find good deals, make some money, and discover designer brands! There are so many consignment shops, so it can be difficult to find those stellar vintage pieces or low-cost name brands. We’re here to share our 5 tips and tricks on searching for consignment treasures. (Hello, Gucci purse!)

1. Don’t let the label fool you
Just because an item has a high-end brand on the label, it doesn’t always mean it’s a great product. Make sure you’re buying an item because you like the fit and fashion of it, not just because it says Prada.

2. Look for wears and tears
Before you purchase at a consignment store, make sure to check the item for wear and tear. Check your items for issues such as stains, malfunctioning zippers, or holes. Sometimes you can take a piece to a tailor to fix it up, but other times items may be beyond repair. Take into consideration the quality of an item to make the most of your money!

3. Wash what you buy
Consignment shopping is a fun and great way to find designer items for affordable prices, but you never know where those items have been in the past. It’s always a good idea to wash your items or take them to the dry cleaners before you wear them.

4. Try it on
Trying on clothing before you buy is important to ensure you like your purchase and will wear it in the future. Trying something on is a smart idea to see if it fits you correctly. Also, wear clothes to the consignment shop that are easy to get in and out of to try on clothes.

5. Know the difference
It’s a good idea to know the difference between what pieces of clothing can be fixed and which ones cannot. Some easy patch-up work involves sewing a rip or replacing a button. Some very difficult fixes would replace fabric or changing the lining.

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