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Make Money from Consignment

Do you have a pile of clothes in your closet that you do not plan to wear, anymore? You could drop them off at Goodwill, but why not make money through consignment?

It’s always nice to clean out your closet. You get to purge all the items that you never wear or items that are at the end of their life from wear and tear. This process allows you to make room for new items. Of course, you can just drop all those unwanted items off at Goodwill, but why not make a little money off some of them first? We all could use a little more pocket change, right?

Make Money from Old Clothes

I’ve been an avid resale junkie for over two decades now, and I’ve learned a few tricks to get the most money out of my unwanted items. It takes a little more time after you’ve cleaned out your closet, but I promise that the work is worth it.

1) After you’ve cleaned out your closet, put all of your items in a pile.

2) Sort through your items and place them into four piles: Donate, recycle, current season, and future seasons.

Donate: items that are gently loved, missing buttons, small stains, etc.

Recycle: used undergarments, items with too much wear (lots of holes, many stains, pilling).

Current season: what you would wear right now.

Future season: what you would wear later this year.

3) Neatly fold the clean clothes that you plan on consigning into a bag or box. It’s important not to just shove clothes into a container, otherwise resellers won’t want to look through them, as it just looks like dirty laundry.

4) Bag up your donations and recycling into separate bags. Why recycle clothing? Resale stores and donation drop-offs cannot accept certain items. Whatever they can’t accept, they will throw into a landfill. If you recycle items instead, they will be put to good use. You can find recycling drop offs pretty much all over the city. Have you ever seen a drop box that says “GemText” on it? They recycle clothing and proceeds of the recycling go to a charity or school. How great is that?! It’s also a good idea to find a local community charity instead of just dropping them off at Goodwill. There are so many great charities in our area and they keep the donations in the community instead of sending them to other stores around the nation.

5) Time to consign your current season items and make some money!

Easy, right? There is just a one more thing to keep in mind—no store is going to accept all your items. Of course, Spanky’s is my go to consignment store. They are bigger than most other stores and they accept items for the whole family, but they too have to be selective on what they take. Resale stores take items based off of condition, styles that sell well for them, and most importantly, based on what the current inventory is in-store. This is why the sorting process at home is very important. The whole point of this is to clean out your closet and make some money, so you want to make sure you are bringing in your best items.

Now that you are armed with some inside secrets, go out there and start consigning!