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Natural Hemmed Jeans

New trends are consistently happening thought out the fashion world. Natural hemmed jeans is a trend that is easy to do yourself, without spending a lot of money.

When new trends come out in the fashion world, most people don’t really pay attention. I mean, look how long it took for people to move from boot cut jeans to skinny jeans. There’s one trend out there now that we are in love with, though! We are seeing it all over the place and can’t get enough of this new fashion trend… natural hem jeans.

Sure you can go out and purchase a pair at retail or drive from resale shop to resale shop hoping to find a pair, or you can DIY. Working in the resale business, I’m all about upcycling. What better way to enjoy this awesome trend then to start with your already favorite pair of jeans! The best part… it is SUPER easy. Grab some jeans and let’s get started!

There are basically two ways to make your own natural hemmed jeans. Don’t be afraid to get creative though. The great part about natural hemmed jeans is you don’t have to worry about messing up. The fray at the bottom is the key part. And no matter what you do, all you need is that fray. We’ll start off super simple.

Un-hemming the hem:
The benefits of this natural hem are 1) you’ll have a longer “hem” 2) you can always re-sew pretty easily and 3) you get the natural discoloration caused by the folding of the manufacturer.

All you need to get this look is a pair of jeans and a seam ripper (which you can find anywhere that sells thread). This one is super easy. All you have to do is that the seam ripper and start ripping the hem seam. After you’ve finished, iron the bottom to straighten out the natural hem. And done!

Scissor edge hem:
Personally, this is my FAVORITE look. Jeans always seem to be super long on me, so I end up cuffing them until they hit my ankle. This type of natural hem is going to give you a little more flexibility on the length. Have fun when doing this hem. Don’t worry about being completely straight. Remember, the fray on the hem is our ultimate goal. We want that distressed hem look.

With this one, grab a sharp pair of scissors. Easiest way to achieve this look is by cutting up the side seam and then following the top of the hem with the scissors. Ta Da!

Another great thing about this particular hem is you can play with it. Get creative! Go a little shorter on the length, or give it a hi-lo look. This type of hem deserves to be played with.

Time to grab your supplies and get started!

Natural Hemmed Jeans