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Sustainable Shopping

Buying used items isn’t only good for your pocketbook, it’s also a great way to be a more sustainable consumer. Reusing items keeps them out of the dump.

When we think of shopping resale, we usually focus on cost savings and value. Resale shopping is a wonderful way to get “more bang for your buck,” in that you can wear the brands you love for a fraction of the cost. Buying used items isn’t only a benefit to your pocketbook, however; it’s a great way to be a more sustainable consumer with the health of the global environment in mind.

Sustainable Shopping

How is buying used clothing a sustainable option?

Over the years, fast fashion has gained popularity as styles change quickly and many consumers want to stay on top of current trends. A side-effect of fast fashion, however, is that many consumers are letting go of their clothes after only a few uses, in some cases. Manufacturing clothing can be a highly involved process, depending on an item’s country of origin and the fabric(s) it contains. For example, items made from synthetic fabrics may require large amounts of energy and oil inputs to successfully create fibers. Natural fabrics made from plants (cotton, flax, hemp) need millions of tons of water and pesticides to grow, possibly contributing to various hazardous consequences to the environment. By shopping secondhand, consumers are reducing demand on new items that would require more resources, lessening their ecological footprint.

Here at Spanky’s, we offer an alternative to throwing out clothes that you no longer want by allowing you to resale those items to consumers that love the savings. For items that don’t sell, we offer the option of donating these items to charities in need of clothing. Donations cut costs for organizations seeking to help those in need and are kinder to the environment than simply throwing away unwanted items.

Giving back to your local community and to the world at large can start with where you buy your next purse or pair of shoes. Buying gently used items versus new ones is a positive way to lessen waste and save money! What’s not to love about that? Happy shopping!