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This Is for the Little Ones

Children grow up fast, and with the ever-changing trends of fashion thrifting for their clothes will be your new best friend.

Moms and Dads with ever growing kid(s), chances are you most likely find yourself shopping for new clothes every 4-6 months. Let’s face it: children get dirty fast and cycle through clothing constantly. Not to mention the clothes they wore last Summer don’t fit this Summer because they grew 3 inches! With the trends ever-changing with the start of a new season, thrifting or shopping at a consignment store may be your new best friend and we’ll prove it!

Shop Like A Pro

Mega stores can be overwhelming. To make shopping easier, come in with an idea of what you need. For example, if they need denim for going back to school, you can start there. For each pair of jeans for your kiddo, consider at least two shirts to go with it that match the season and their personality/style. Maybe it’s a sweater they love with a comfortable pair of shoes. Whatever it is, you’ll be able to build a wardrobe easier once you find the staple piece you need. Thrift and consignment stores are great for having multiple options of similar items, but a wide variety of brands to choose from. You may find 20 styles of green shirts, but you’ll be able to choose a specific material or brand that you prefer.

Thrifting Childrens Clothing

All the Looks You’ll Love

Not only will your wallet thank you for easing off the big spending when you shop at consignment or thrift shops, but these types of stores have the best of ALL worlds! Looking for casual school looks? Sunday best outfits? Sporty uniforms? Grab a snack, bring a water bottle, and set out to find the fashion you and your kids will love at a fraction of the cost from department stores. Brand names are always a score, but so are label look-alikes. Mix and match your favorite new piece with a Walmart or Target piece and no one will know! Most of the time thrift stores carry high-end European brands, which tend to be higher quality clothing. With some searching, you too can snag these brands, including Zara, Madewell, Gap, J. Crew, Bershka and so many others!

Children’s Clothing Store

Whatever clothes you and your children are looking for, Spanky’s Legendary Consignment in Vancouver, Washington has the best options for the whole family! We’re Vancouver’s Resale and Consignment superstore! Visit us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the newest arrivals.