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This One is for the Fellas

Clothing consignment is not exclusive to women's clothing. We have provided a list of benefits to shop secondhand for men and women. Recycle those old clothes.
Men's Consignment

Guys, we know consignment might not be “your thing.”  We know it can be a pain to fold and clean gently worn clothes, grab some shoes that you haven’t worn in 8 months, put them in a bag and drop the items off at your local consignment shop (Spanky’s Legendary Consignment please!!).   The thing is; it really pays off.

If you aren’t an avid second-hand shopper yet, let me give you the reasons why you should be:

It’s recycling!
I mean come on, in today’s world we all need to be concerned about the environment and this is one easy way you can be GREEN.

It’s rebellious!
Stick it to the man! Spend less at the big-box retailers who use your hard earned money to put chinchilla interiors in one of their 5 luxury cars (this may not be true.) I have no idea how they spend their earnings from the overpriced items they sell.

 It feels so good!
Letting items go that you are no longer using will have a relaxing effect on you. Just think of the space you will have for all the items that you actually wear.

Save money!
Obviously shopping second-hand is cheaper. The key is to actually picture what you will be doing with that money you save/earn.  Vacation, nest egg, or drinks at that cool bar you have been wanting to check out.

The last reason
It supports a local small business in your community.  When you consign (and shop) with us it is helping to build and support the network of people that make your neck of the woods great!

So we are calling on you!
All you avid adventurers’ and inspired industrialists, those who dress to impress or are stylishly laid back.  If your style is all-American preppy or off-duty rock star, check out the consignment world.