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Traveling with Style and Comfort

Planes are notorious for inconsistency regarding the temperature. Sometimes they’re freezing cold, other times hot and stuffy. There are many components to having a positive travel experience, and ultimately, comfort plays a large part in making your long-haul flights enjoyable. Planning what you’ll be wearing for the day of travel shouldn’t be left to the last minute.

Key travel pieces should be wrinkle-resistant and won’t show spills easily. Remember, the best travel clothes won’t slow you down when walking through the airport or make you uncomfortable in your seat. You’ll want to make sure you have items of clothing which can be removed, or put back on, easily.

Traveling in Comfort

Starting with the base – pants and tops. Go for comfort. Many people tend to love the ease and comfort of leggings; however, a soft and comfy pair of pants will also work. Coupled together with a soft material t-shirt, you’ve got the base for the perfect travel outfit.

Traveling with Comfort

Pair these two items with a comfortable cardigan, which could double as a blanket on a long-haul flight, and you’ll be ready to travel the world. Make sure you’re wearing shoes that are easy to slip off and on.  

Traveling with Style

If you know you’re going straight into a meeting right off the plane, and you need to look your best, then you can wear a long-sleeve dress with a bright cardigan and knee-high boots. Complete your fashionable travel look with a scarf. It’s not just an accessory in this instance, it’s a necessity!

Traveling with Style

Regardless of your fashion level, here’s what the basics are:

  • Comfortable pants
  • A soft material top or shirt
  • A sweater, cardigan, or blazer
  • Easy to slip off and on shoes